Sierra Springloppet 2003



Each racer scores 20 points for completing each full race, or 15 points for the Silver Rush or the Mammoth Half Marathon, or 10 points for the Bronze Rush (possible 100 points for completing all five races). [The Bronze Rush is included this year by request of the Springloppet organizers, as the Masters competition required many of our competitors to race Bronze to qualify.]

The winning male or female racer scores an additional 50 points, and other racers receive an additional score that decreases proportionally the slower their time is, diminishing to zero for a time twice as long as the winning time.
For example:
* Racer finishes in 120 minutes
* The winning time is 90 minutes
* The racer is 30 minutes slower than the winner, or 1 - (30/90) times as fast.
* The racer scores an additional (1 - (30/90)) * 50 = 33 points.

Since the Echo to Kirkwood and the Gold Rush are on the same weekend for 2003, I don't expect many people will race both! Thus, I'm going to count total points as the best 4 of the races, up to 5, for each competitor.