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So yes its true…..I am not perfect. Ops, the secrets out. Story: I stuck my passport and ticket in the seat pocket when I got on the plane… and I left it there. In all honesty you should blame it on the cute baby in front of me. After a panic attack when I realized I had lost my passport and ticket, I got a replacement ticket and found out my passport was on its way to Houston. Jeff was very calm and reassuring as he helped me figure everything out. As I got on the plane the whole team cheered and poked jokes at me for my mistake. When we arrived in Minneapolis Jeff and I went to the bag claim where the people in Denver had told us to go. The lady who helped us was… well absolutely rude. She wouldn’t listen to my story and kept insisting that they never send passports. We told her we understood gave her our numbers and left, hoping for the best. As I sat on the subway thinking of how I was going to tell my parents I lost my passport, Kelly called. Thank you Kelly! She found out my passport was in Houston and is having it sent to me. Yay! So….. Mom. Dad. I lost my passport, but I also found it.
So far, so good, Far West.

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It’s almost here!

Twas the night before JO’s, and all through the house,

Everybody was stirring, especially the cat.
The bags were placed by the door with reckless abandon,

with hopes that the plane would be on time.

Plane leaves in t minus 14.5 hours, party on dudes

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Junior Olympics Course Preview

SKINNYSKI.COM has posted a course preview complete with photos and descriptions.

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Junior National Schedule

Sunday March 6th: Opening Ceremonies
Monday March 7th: Freestyle Sprint Competition
Wednesday March 9th: Classic Mass Start Competition (5k /10k /15k)
Friday, March 11th: Skate Interval Start Competition (5k /10k)
Saturday March 12th: Classic Relay Competition (3 x 3k relay); Closing Ceremony and Awards Banquet

More information can be found on the 2011 Junior Olympic website.

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The 4 Junior National qualifier races this season were the Snowshoe Thompson Classic, Sierra Skogsloppet, Allan Bard Classic, and the ASC Freestyle Sprints.
At this time we have 28 athletes, plus 8 coaches heading to Minneapolis from March 5-13.
Way to Go Team!

J2 Girls: Katrin Larusson, Laurel Fiddler, Bria Riggs, Raylene Chew, Danielle Nivinski, and Camille Hartley
J1/OJ Girls: Annika Taylor, Joelle Romo, Melanie Swick, and Allie McDaniel
J3 Girls: Gabrielle Rinne
J2 Boys: Jackson Rohlf, Shane Christian, Jackson Wood, Isaiah Cutler, and Jake Kamenetsky
J1/OJ Boys: Austin Meng, Jordan McElroy, Justin Ondry, Patrick McElravey, Alec Wiltz, Alex Kopytko, Evan Dion, Branden Deeter, and Alex Hamilton
J3 Boys: Sam Zabell, Dylan Syben, and Julien Bordes

Coaches: Ben Grasseschi, Jeff Schloss, Joel Chew, Mark Nadell, Nancy Fiddler, Mary Ellen Benier, Alana Levin, and Kara LaPoint plus Tom McElroy

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