The month of April

So, point is my blog about JO’s got lost in the vastness of my computer, go figure. Now, it’s probably not even worth it to talk about JO’s, but something else that has been on everyone’s minds.. SPRINGTIME! April: the month of resilience. You wake up and consider wearing a skirt, then realize that you’re legs are literally glowing white and you have bruises on your knees from falling three times in the Marathon, lovely. Then of course, it snows and you’re back in your down jacket and boots. Point is, this is the transition time of year.

The fact dawned on me after JO’s. That racing was practically over and that yes, the dreaded word, running would have to start soon. The bad memories of injury started flooding my brain IT band, shin splints, hip flexer. What injury was I going to get this year?? Oh dear. Then, on my birthday, I went for a run. Just a half an hour at about an 11 minute mile pace (not breaking any records here). Truth is, it wasn’t that bad. I was honestly getting tired of “slush skiing” after school and it felt good to get my feet on dirt.

Now being me, I am still diligently wearing winter clothes and my running shirts are still stuffed away in a drawer. I am however, somewhat making a good mental and physical transition into the supposedly warmer months. Sure, I’ll be able to ski well into May, but I have to say beginning to run is an important step to take in April so that you’re ready to go in May. For now, lets be glad that JO’s isn’t gnawing at the back of our brains anymore, look ahead, and start making the transition!

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