Little Sam has been absolutely dominating this blog, so it seems that I don’t have much to write about.

We’re here in what I always thought was a flyover state, and it turns out that it’s a pretty cool place. There is what the locals are calling an “unbelievable” amount of snow (i.e. full coverage), and the courses were a pleasant surprise in that despite being on a golf course they aren’t flat. In fact, they’ve done a great job with the trails here – the classic mass start was tracked with three and even four lanes in places, making it easy to pass and generally avoid catastrophe (even though the J2’s still couldn’t…it’s ok, they’ll get their sea legs someday). The races and travel has been really well organized, with no delays in start times and buses leaving the hotel on schedule.

And speaking of the hotel…the only way to describe it is, well, overwhelming. We’re talking 500 nordies TAKING OVER what would otherwise be a very classy (read: expensive) hotel. The lobby is completely filled with kids on laptops doing homework, because despite its being totally swanky the managers of the Marriott still haven’t discovered wireless internet (or how to cook…but I guess us Californians are spoiled). There are kids everywhere going crazy. It’s mind-blowing. And this is coming from someone who lives in a dorm.

It’s a bit odd being one of the older guys on the team…meeting the team in the airport and seeing a bunch of unfamiliar J3 and J2 faces was really disarming. It makes me happy, though, because I can see that Far Wizzle has a lot of potential for the future. Ben and Jeff and Nancy (eh, Mark too) are gonna have their hands full for a while.

Bring Tha Ruckus,

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