Training for Cross Country Skiing 2011  
Training for Cross Country Skiing 2011

Training for Cross-Country Skiing is authored by Andy Pasternak, MD, and Jeff Schloss.  Dr Pasternak is a board-certified family practice physician who is also director of Silver Sage Sports Performance.  He has covered numerous races as a physician and has done extensive exercise testing on a wide range of athletes.  Jeff Schloss has been coaching cross-country skiing for over 20 years as head Nordic coach at UNR, a US Ski Team coach for the World Junior Championships and the the US Under 23 World Championship team, and most recently as Head Nordic Coach at the Sugar Bowl Academy.

The document addresses the physiology and nutritional dimensions of training as well as practical steps on how to translate the body's response to training into training priorities, training methods, and training plans.  The 2011 Training Principles Presentation focuses on physiologic changes in the master athlete. Examples of specific topics covered in the document are:
  • Energy systems and how the body uses each system to convert fuel into energy
  • Determinants of performance:  VO2 Max, lactate threshold, efficiency
  • Lactate and VO2 Max testing
  • How to improve your lactate threshold and your VO2 Max
  • Training zones
  • Nutritional issues
  • The Training Pyramid
  • Training priorities
  • Sample training plans
  • Level 3, 4 and 5 interval training guidelines
  • Race training and strategy
The document is available as a PDF for downloading.

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